The chart

The chart

By booking your stay on our website, you accept the terms of our chart and undertake to preserve this natural setting.

A treehouse guest agrees to

The bins in your threehouse are collected and sorted after each departure. The park has garbage cans, nothing should be thrown away.

Le Nids des Vosges and its threehouses are nestled in the middle of the Vosges forest. It is strictly forbidden to light a fire. The use of the square of logs in the middle of the ground to make a fire there can only be done with the express authorization of the Nids des Vosges, in this case the fire must remain limited to small flames and at the times of the midday meal or before nightfall..

Everyone respects the beauty and cleanliness of the place, the huts where you take off your shoes so as not to damage anything and feel at home at home…. We will return the threehouse before 11 a.m. in the same state of cleanliness as the one where we would like to find it next time, we use for that the products and materials of the threehouse. (The cleaning will nevertheless be carried out by the Nids des vosges staff after your departure).

Children (under 14) cannot be left alone in the accesses (pontoon, suspension bridge, stairs, etc.) for obvious safety reasons. They must be accompanied and supervised when they use access points that are not play areas. In the threehouse, the adults including myself undertake to ensure their safety, we do not leave them alone in the accommodation. They use the indoor and outdoor equipment under the own responsibility of their parents or guardians.
We will never be more people than the maximum capacity at the same time on a terrace or in a threehouse. Only the tenants of our threehouse can access our terrace. No visit of the other huts is possible even in case of agreement of the customers, this for security and insurance reasons. In case of overflow, the management declines all responsibility. No outside visitors without permission.

Breakfast foods or equipment belonging to Les Nids des Vosges cannot be taken out of the hut or its terrace.

Out of respect for the accommodation and its environment, no damage to the threehouse or the surrounding forest will be tolerated. No pets are accepted.

Cars remain in the parking lot along the road and cannot approach closer to the huts or the reception building except in the event of an emergency or for people with reduced mobility.

The plants and rocks present on the ground cannot be degraded. No one should walk in the square of the reed bed (natural wastewater treatment plant), which is not a playground…

Behavior deemed dangerous or risky or disturbing the neighborhood (noise at night, etc.) will be the subject of a warning, and if they are repeated, they may go as far as immediate expulsion from the site without any reimbursement or rehousing. You agree to respect complete calm after 9 p.m. and until 8 a.m. the next morning

  • For the sake of hygiene Mandatory shower and bathing suit Imperative, no make-up or sunscreen (oily substances).
  • Just like a spa, the Nordic Bath is a place of relaxation, it is not a swimming pool or a paddling pool. So no Games, we avoid eddies and any overflow of water.
  • Children must be accompanied and will be under the responsibility of an adult. The sound carries very far in the forest, especially in the evening. No shouting or laughing, your neighbors come to rest.
  • The use of the bath is prohibited between 11:00 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. on the morning.
  • For safety, no glass inside the bath (risk of sharp debris at the bottom). Oeiglass rotes made available in the threehouse. No food either. Only the inhabitants of the threehouse can use the bath.
  • The nordmue bath is a place of rest & relaxation, we respect the surrounding calm.
  • The bath is permanently heated, it will be at its maximum temperature 37/38°C from 7 p.m. to 10 a.m.


The management declines all responsibility in the event of failure to supervise children by their families or non-compliance with the rules opposite. We undertake to exercise the utmost caution. My family, my friends and I occupying a cabin, we undertake to use this accommodation without taking any risk for anyone, without noise or degradation of the dwellings, or the environment. You use our cabin as a place of relaxation, rest, under normal conditions: No flame, risky behavior… We do not smoke in the cabins and our alcohol consumption is under our own responsibility, we must remain lucid at height… .