Booking and payment :

Booking of your nights has to be done on the website

The amount of your stay has to be paid in full at the booking. No fees file.

We don’t accept pets in the treehouses.

Gift boxes in high season are usuable all the year, if you use it on a date of low season, we don’t repay you the difference.

As from reception of your payment in the 8 days after you order, you will receive an email that you have to print and to give it when you arrive. Be carefull : your booking can be get rid of in case you are late about the payment… the time limit is 8 days.

payment has to reach Nids des Vosges –  Maison Blanche  – 88640 CHAMPDRAY

Rates on the website can be modificateddepending on the economic conditions or others.

Tourist tax : A tourist tax of 0.44€ per person and per night is directly invoiced when you are booking.

The number of people depends of the treehouse and there is a maximum. It cannot be overtaken because of security reasons, 

The age of the children is calculated to the date of the beggining of the stay. For children under 3 years old it is free of charge. Special prices for children between 3 and 14 years old. However, an official document can be requested in this case. The child discount is granted on condition that each child brings: 1 sleeping bag 1 pillowcase 1 towel. Otherwise rental on site or when bookingonline.

In the park, on the terraces and inside the treehouses, children are under the responsibility of adults.
Height beds are not suitable for children under 6 years of age

Modifications / cancellations

Modifications are possible more than 30 days before the foreseen date in terms of people, time, etc. However these modifications have to be validited by Les Nids des Vosges. It’s possible to add an invoice to these modifications.

For a stay cancelled by the customer more than 30 days before the coming, 30% of the stay will be to Les Nids des Vosges. Betwenn 30 and 8 days before the stay, 50% of the stay will be to Les Nids des Vosges. For every stay cancelled in the 7 days before the date of arrival, all the price will come to Les Nids des Vosges.

Cancellation by Les Nids des Vosges

In case of unexpected outdoor events (like storms), Les Nids des Vosges can cancell your stay for security reasons. In this case, we will propose to report your stay to another date (up to 1 year).

If you are on the spot, Les Nids des Vosges can close the access to the treehouses or evacuate treehouses because of the weather conditions (storms), the director can rehouse you in other accomodations, without extra. In this unique case, you will have a discount of 50%on your next stay. If you don’t want to be rehouse, we propose you a postponement in the 12 months.

Validity and stay

You have to arrive between 4:00PM and 7:00PM. If you arive later, you have to contact us by mail at or at the phone number indicated in the confirmation, and you will have to pay 20€ more by hour section after 7:00PM.

You have to leave the treehouse before 11:00AM the day where you leave. You will have to pay 20€ more by section hour after 12:00AM.

The nests have the right to move the beneficiary in another nest of the same capacity for technical reasons.

Included services are indicated on our page “Gift box” (night and breakfast). Sauna is open between 4:00PM and 7:00PM, you have to book an hour at your arrival.

It’s vital to have a charged cellphone ! We will give you an emergency number and other usefull numbers when you will arrive.

The sauna is forbidden for children less than 8 years old. Children between 8 and 14 years old can use it if they come with their parents.

Each child less than 14 years old has to have a sleeping bag, a pillowcase and a bath towel.
The free children’s allowance is granted on condition that each child brings : 1 sleeping bag 1 pillowcase 1 towel. Otherwise rental on site orwhen booking online.

If the beneficiary wants more services before or during its stay, these services will be invoiced. 

We propose you some ready-made meals prepared by our delicatessen at your arrival for your dinner.

We don’t accept pets in the treehouses. Our partner ANIMAUTE (look at the page FAQ) can take care of them. It is advisable to not leave your personal objects in the treehouse, which can be locked.

Booking :

booking of your gift boxes has to be done on our website only. Vouchers cannot be transmitted to other people and only its beneficiary. Contact us if you want to modificate the identity of your beneficiary.

Cheque payment or bank transfer has to arrive at Nids des Vosges –  Maison Blanche  – 88640 CHAMPDRAY (look at reference on the page Gift box) in 10 days limit to valid the order, an email will be sent to the buyer.