Californian Massage

Long, fluent and slid strocking movements which permit a total relaxation.

Swedish Massage

Twisting movements and pointed pressures which sluice your body. A relaxing Tiger lotion can stand the massage oil.

Hawaiian Massage

It consists in speed and sensual movements. They are achieved with forearms mainly. Island aromas oils.

Tibetan Massage

Sluice movements on breathing.

Candle Massage

Heat up your skin and relax due to long movements on your body.

Bamboo Massage

With Bamboos of different sizes, you will find out a creative massage with complete flexibility.

"Mère Veilleuse" Massage

For future mothers, you can alleviate your back and your leggs during your pregnancy. You give positive energies to your loved baby !



30 minutes 49€/ pers. (minimum 2 people)

50 minutes 79€/pers. (possible for 1 person)


You may book imediately on our website when choosing your stay. In the section "ADDITIONAL SERVICES"  which automatically appears on your display. We will contact you later by email in order to give your schedule and ask you the type of massage desired regarding the masseuse availabilities. 

These massages are not at all sexual or medical ones. It talks about Wellness,  which permit to liberate you of all kind of stress. You are responsible for checking if you want to benefit from it.